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Over in the northern hemisphere, leaves are turning crisp and rouge, conkers are falling and winter coats are making their annual comeback. But as northern Europe waves a sorry goodbye to the close of summer, countries further south are still basking in some last-minute balmy glory, making October the perfect time for an end-of-summer blowout. Meanwhile, down in the southern hemisphere, spring has sprung and a wave of new life is sweeping the exotic lands - if you’re looking to take the family away for the October half-term, you won’t be short of ideas for a family getaway.  



Luxury Morocco Holidays

It’s finally beginning to cool down in Morocco, making a trekking adventure into the Sahara possible once more. In October, the nomadic Berbers are on the move, migrating back down from the Atlas Mountains before the bitter cold sets in - one of the modern world’s very few remaining examples of a human movement that is dictated solely by nature’s timing. Meanwhile, the colourful souks and medinas of Marrakech and Fes are bursting with character, alive with a heady mix of sweet and spicy aromas that infiltrate the bustling streets.

New England

Luxury New England Holidays

The arrival of autumn brings the legendary ‘fall’ colours, painting New England in a spectacular blanket of red and gold. Enjoy a self-drive holiday, honeymoon or family adventure through Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Boston for a full New England experience, and don’t miss the opportunity to pick your own apples and pumpkins amidst Sleepy Hollow backdrops. Meanwhile, sports lovers should visit Fenway Park in Boston - home of the famous Boston Red Sox.


Luxury Bolivia Holidays

Despite the cooler weather, Bolivia’s dry season is the best time to travel as it is just past peak season and temperatures begin to rise a little as wet season looms close in November. Explore the world’s highest capital city - La Paz - which sits comfortably in a canyon below the snow-capped Andean peaks, head south to see the iconic Uyuni salt flats, and stop off at Sucre to see the pretty colonial buildings and whitewashed houses.


Luxury Israel Holidays

As the scorching summer heat fades, Israel really comes to life in October. Bustling, beach-side Tel Aviv is the perfect destination for a late summer long-weekend break, or if you have more time on your hands then get to grips with some of the country's fascinating and incredibly rich history in Jerusalem and Bethlehem, or adventure in the vast and largely unexplored Negev Desert.


Luxury Bali Holidays

October is the window between dry and wet season in Bali, bringing few crowds and near-perfect weather conditions. Culture buffs and spiritualists will love this laidback motherland, peppered with ancient temples, arty towns, sacred volcanoes and a deep appreciation of nature. Start your holiday on the surf beaches of Seminyak, then head north to the culture-rich town of Ubud. Visit the temples surrounding Mount Batur and Agung, and hop over to the trio of tiny Gili Islands to escape it all in tropical bliss.


Luxury China Holidays

China is just at the end of its dry season in October - the perfect time to miss the summer crowds and still get the good weather. Of course no trip to China would be complete without a visit to the iconic Great Wall, where you will get some spectacular views. Witness the autumn colours of the foliage around Beijing (especially the Summer Palace) and in Lijiang, or catch one of Shanghai’s famous acrobatic shows, followed by a traditional meal at one of the city’s best restaurants. 

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