Where to go on a luxury holiday in July

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The sun is shining, the weather is sweet, and as schools break for summer the children are coming out to play. There are a number of destinations both short and long haul that are perfect for a family holiday in July, with the African safari season entering into its prime season, and beach destinations in full summer mode, as cafés spill onto promenades and beach bars bounce to life.



Luxury Tanzania Holidays

July is peak season for a safari holiday in Tanzania, and with good reason. It’s dry season and the Big Five are flocking to the waterholes in the Ngorongoro Crater, generating optimum wildlife-spotting opportunities. Meanwhile, in the Serengeti, the thousand-strong herds of wildebeest are passing through, grazing on the grassy plains of this iconic safari wilderness. Before heading home, why not hop over to the idyllic beaches of Zanzibar to complete the ultimate safari and beach holiday?


Luxury Seychelles Holidays

The Seychelles are pretty magnificent any time of the year, but July brings brilliant conditions for snorkelling and diving, with water temperatures and visibility levels at their highest. July also marks the beginning of nesting season for Sooty Tern birds, while the steady winds that blow during the summer months make it ideal windsurfing and sailing weather. There’s no shortage of luxury accommodation in the Seychelles, with private island resorts offering barefoot luxury at some of the world’s most exclusive retreats.

Western Canada

Luxury Western Canada Holidays

If it’s an adventure holiday in the great outdoors that you’re after, look no further than the Canadian Rockies in the summer. The truly remarkable scenery of this off-the-beaten-track wilderness encompasses azure lakes and thick, forested mountainsides, where bears roam free and remote lodges sit isolated in an otherwise uninhabited environment. There are trekking and mountain options aplenty in Alberta's expansive national parks, or alternatively enjoy the vistas in comfort aboard the spectacular Rocky Mountaineer, which is (quite rightly) considered one of the world’s most scenic train journeys.


Luxury Indonesia Holidays

It doesn’t get much better than Indonesia for a dreamy beach holiday. The thousands of islands that make up this watery paradise offer plenty of luxury retreats and romantic hideaways that enjoy blissful sunshine and balmy temperatures at this time of year. Discover the powder-white beaches of the Raja Ampat Islands, find your inner zen at Bali’s sacred temples, or hang out with the orangutans in the UNESCO-protected rainforests of Sumatra: a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. 


Luxury Iceland Holidays

You need long, bright days to make the most of Iceland’s magnificent scenery and geothermal wonders, and thankfully, in July, there are plenty of them. Head out into the wilderness to witness the glassy fjords and dramatic stratovolcanoes of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, the thundering falls and black beaches of South Iceland and the coast, and the remarkable geological wonders in the far north. 

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