Where to go on holiday in August

The best places to go on holiday in August

August is a busy old month for travel, with the summer crowds out to play and the streets flooded with summer cheer. Unfortunately, this pushes prices up, so booking early is highly advisable, or waiting until the end of the month when you might find some excellent last minute offers. Look carefully enough though and you will find some hidden gems that steer clear of the masses, whether this means flying across to the other side of the world or simply choosing to explore home turf instead.



With the entire country in cheery holiday mode, you couldn’t pick a better month than August to explore the UK. Steeped in history, blanketed in rolling countryside and packed with culture, the UK has a lot to offer for such a tiny island. Explore the vibrant cities such as London, Edinburgh or Manchester, where events, festivals and parties transform the streets into a month-long summer celebration. Elsewhere, the British countryside is in full bloom, and quaint and picturesque regions such as the Cotswolds or the Lake District offer peace and serenity in blissful surroundings.



Although it’s one of the most popular months of the year for a holiday in France, this gorgeous country is simply beautiful at this time of year. The super yachts are out in force on the sparkling waters hugging the glitzy Cote d’Azur, while the culinary cafes that pepper the sun-drenched slopes of Bordeaux and the wine country are cooking up some gourmet delights in the most scenic of settings. August is also a fantastic time to visit the French Alps, dotted with remote hiking trails and cycling routes that guide you well away from the beaten track.



It’s winter in the southern hemisphere, which in Ecuador brings dry, sunny days and pleasant temperatures. This makes for perfect conditions for trekking in the Andes, or wildlife spotting in the great Amazon rainforest. You’ll also be there for whale season in Puerto Lopez, a remarkable spectacle in which thousands of humpback whales migrate from Antarctica in search of warmer waters. Make sure you allow enough time to visit the handsome city of Quito too, a colonial settlement elevated in the Andes and surrounded by snowy volcanoes and verdant cloud forest.   


Eastern Canada

Canadian cities come out to play in August to enjoy the blissful, balmy temperatures that swoop the land. The arty neighbourhoods, gourmet cafes and attractive parks in cosmopolitan cities such as Toronto and Montreal in eastern Canada are bustling. Nearby, you can take a trip out to see the great Niagara Falls, or opt for a countryside getaway in the gorgeous Alogonquin National Park or Muskoka lakes – perfect for hiking, kayaking and wildlife spotting.



It might be winter Down Under, but make no mistake, there are still plenty of excellent holiday opportunities in its northern region. It’s dry season up in Kimberley, where you could take the family on a camping holiday or retreat to a luxury lodge hidden away in this very much untouched and unspoilt landscape. Couple this with a visit to the Ningaloo Reef, the lesser-known but equally impressive sister to the Barrier Reef, where you might spot whale sharks and turtles gracing the shore of the deserted white beaches.



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