Luxury Vacations to Ecuador & the Galapagos


Despite its tiny size (by South American standards) Ecuador still packs a mighty punch. The country is divided by the Andes into coast, highlands and jungle, and the scenery here is simply stunning. Whether in the untouched Amazon Rainforest or pristine cloud forests, you'll find some of the continents best eco-lodges, and a fantastic array of colourful wildlife here. The charming and hospitable locals make this a great country to travel around too, and we highly recommend taking time to explore some of the wonderful colonial towns and cities including Quito, Ecuador's striking capital.

The Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands are truly unique, with incredible landscapes and seascapes showcasing diverse wildlife and marine-life at every turn. An archipelago of volcanic islands formed some six million years ago, the Galapagos is made up of 18 main islands, including Isabela, San Cristobal and Santa Cruz. Whether you choose to explore them on a memorable cruise, or stay in land-based luxury accommodation, a vacation in the Galapagos offers one of the most amazing wildlife experiences in the world. From snorkelling with always-adorable penguins and sea lions, to getting close to some of island's more unique wildlife such as marine iguanas and playful blue-footed boobys or magnificent and iconic giant tortoises, the wildlife experiences here are second to none.

Exploring the beautiful Galapagos Islands by boat is easy as there are a vast range of ships on offer - from smaller sailing boats to larger cruise boats, and with various routes, facilities and activities to choose from. The Exsus Travel team have detailed knowledge and personal experience on the many luxury boats which tour the Galapagos, and have handpicked their favourites to help you choose which Galapagos cruise is right for you. Just contact us to find out more.

Alternatively, for those who prefer dry land, or for families travelling with smaller children, land-based stays may be a better option for a vacation to the Galapagos. For example, the Galapagos Safari Camp on Santa Cruz Island is an amazing base to experience the islands' unique wildlife from, and could also be combined with a boat cruise.

Whatever your priorities and preferences, we can tailor-make a Galapagos vacation to suit you.


Visiting the Galapagos Islands for, unquestionably, the best wildlife experiences in South America. Getting up close and personal with unusual and extraordinarily tame creatures such as marine iguanas (the only lizards to swim in the ocean) and the resplendent giant tortoises is all but guaranteed.

Soaking up some seriously wild and beautiful scenery. Some of the beaches, such as pristine Tortuga Bay in Santa Cruz, are contenders for the best in the whole of Latin America.

Enjoying the most fulfilling Amazon rainforest experiences in South America; the eco-lodges in the Ecuadorian Amazon represent responsible tourism at its best.

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