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Stay in spectacular waterfront havens or enjoy a scenic cruise in the Chilean Lake District. 

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Futangue Hotel & Spa

Location: Chilean Lake District | Chile

Nestled among the lush verdant mountains of North Patagonia, the Futangue Hotel & Spa blends into its natural surroundings with a beautiful wooden exterior. The native décor inspired by the local Mapuche culture, breathtaking views and prime location make this lodge the perfect luxury nature escape.

Best for: Landscapes & Scenery, Spa & Wellness, Walking & Trekking, Multi-activity

Nawelpi Lodge

Location: Chilean Lake District | Chile

Nawelpi Lodge has a beautiful and secluded riverfront setting, hidden away within the Patagonian rainforest, with the Andes mountains as a backdrop. It sits in the UNESCO-listed Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve, and the lodge is committed to sustainable tourism and the conservation of nature and local culture. So if you're looking for a fully immersive vacation experience in Chile, this is where you should stay.

Best for: Setting & Views, Walking & Trekking, Wildlife & Nature, Landscapes & Scenery

Nevados de Sollipulli

Location: Chilean Lake District | Chile

Nevados de Sollipulli is a boutique eco-lodge in the unique Sollipulli Nature Reserve, an extinct volcano long covered in ice and snow. With accommodation in cosy eco-domes and hearty country food in the restaurant, this lodge is the perfect base from which to explore the area – hiking and cross-country skiing are popular options, while camping overnight in the caldera is a magnificent experience in the summer.

Best for: Off the Beaten Track, Setting & Views, Landscapes & Scenery, Eco-tourism

Tierra Chiloe

Location: Chilean Lake District | Chile

Tierra Chiloe is a stylish design hotel on the island of Chiloe, off southwest Chile. The hotel manages to combine traditional and modern design features; sitting on stilts and made from wood, it’s inspired by the island’s traditional architecture, but its angular style and modern furnishings lend it a contemporary feel.

Best for: Eco-tourism, Multi-activity, Adventure, Landscapes & Scenery

AWA Hotel

Location: Chilean Lake District | Chile

At AWA Hotel, you’ll be under the illusion of staying high up in evergreen treetops. One face of this charming luxury hotel is made entirely of glass, which means it not only stands out from the German architecture prevalent in the area but gives you a high-definition view of the stunning Chilean landscape.

Best for: Luxury Hotel, Chic Design, Landscapes & Scenery, Setting & Views

&Beyond Vira Vira

Location: Chilean Lake District | Chile

Escape to the idyllic countryside of Chile’s Lake District with a stay at the sleek yet delightfully homely & Beyond Vira Vira, a member of the prestigious Relais & Chateaux hotels. It is perfectly placed amidst lush forests, simmering volcanoes and jagged mountain peaks, and encapsulates eco-chic luxury. Our prediction? You’ll never want to leave.

Best for: Honeymoon, Family-friendly, Luxury Hotel, Lodge


Location: Chilean Lake District | Chile

Perched on the slopes of Villarrica volcano and overlooking Lake Villarrica, Antumalal is a unique Bauhaus-influenced design hotel that’s true to its roots, using natural materials and an eco-friendly outlook while exuding kitsch cool, where days are spent in the great outdoors and evenings are passed watching the sunset from the terrace in the company of a Pisco Sour.

Best for: Setting & Views, Hideaway, Wildlife & Nature, Water activities


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