Luxury Hotels & Lodges in Argentinian Patagonia

Outposts of luxury and style overlooking the furthest reaches of Patagonia, from a quirkily designed architectural feat to an estancia rich in heritage and diverse natural wildlife, these selected hotels and lodges are bound to leave you reeling: 

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Aguas Arriba Lodge

Location: Argentinian Patagonia | Argentina

Aguas Arriba Lodge is a comfortable lakeside lodge in Argentinean Patagonia, on the shores of Lago del Desierto and surrounded by natural beauty. The lodge is home to several expert guides, who will lead you on treks and boat trips through the glaciers, valleys and waterfalls which characterise this beautiful, unspoilt region.

Best for: Setting & Views, Off the Beaten Track, Eco-tourism, Walking & Trekking

Bahia Bustamante

Location: Argentinian Patagonia | Argentina

Bahia Bustamante is within a blissfully peaceful village which is home to just 40 residents and retains the simplicity of a bygone era. With rugged coastline on one side, and the endless desert Steppe on the other, it’s the perfect base to explore and get back to basics.

Best for: Lodge, Setting & Views, Off the Beaten Track, Wildlife & Nature

Design Suites Calafate

Location: Argentinian Patagonia | Argentina

Design Suites Calafate is a quirkily elegant boutique hotel, created by one of Argentina’s most prestigious architects, Carlos Ott, and is an outpost of luxury and style overlooking a stunning lake in the furthest reaches of Patagonia.

Best for: Boutique Hotel, Setting & Views, Chic Design, Luxury Hotel

El Pedral Lodge

Location: Argentinian Patagonia | Argentina

Emerging from the Patagonian desert, sheltered from the wind by a thick grove of cypresses trees and tamarisk, this incredible 19th Century house stands overlooking the sea. Escape to this quintessentially Argentine ranch whose unique location creates a distinctive feel you’ll remember for years to come.

Best for: Family-friendly, Lodge, Off the Beaten Track, Wildlife & Nature


Location: Argentinian Patagonia | Argentina

EOLO is a modern country lodge in the midst of spectacular scenery, designed to evoke the spirit of an ancient Patagonian estancia.

Best for: Luxury Hotel, Lodge, Setting & Views, Wildlife & Nature

Estancia La Angostura

Location: Argentinian Patagonia | Argentina

La Angostura is a traditional Patagonian estancia, exhibiting the same old-fashioned hospitality as in the days when gauchos and travellers would travel from farm to farm. The estancia has been in the hands of the same family for over one hundred years, and a friendly family atmosphere pervades the whole hotel.

Best for: Rustic, Wildlife & Nature, Walking & Trekking, Riding

Estancia Rincon Chico

Location: Argentinian Patagonia | Argentina

The Estancia Rincon Chico, with its rich heritage and diverse natural wildlife, was founded by a French sheep farmer in the late 1800s. Today this traditional estancia is owned by the fifth generation of the same family who are dedicated to the conservation and observation of the incredible wildlife in Peninsula Valdes, a remote, coastal region of Argentina. Whale watchers and nature enthusiasts, start packing your bags.

Best for: Seriously special, Wildlife & Nature, Off the Beaten Track, Landscapes & Scenery

Estancia Rio Condor

Location: Argentinian Patagonia | Argentina

Estancia Rio Condor is a remote country lodge in Santa Cruz, in Argentine Patagonia. It’s a friendly, homely place, with comfortable, no-frills accommodation perfect for exploring the beautiful Patagonian countryside. There’s no internet or phone signal and only sporadic electricity; if you really want to get away from it all, you can stay at the tiny outpost La Nana, accessible only after half a day’s ride on horseback.

Best for: Setting & Views, Off the Beaten Track, Walking & Trekking, Riding


Location: Argentinian Patagonia | Argentina

Helsingfors is a warm, simple lodge surrounded by exquisite scenery with panoramic views and an interesting history – it was built by a Finnish adventurer and named after his native Helsinki.

Best for: Lodge, Setting & Views, Off the Beaten Track, Hideaway

La Cantera

Location: Argentinian Patagonia | Argentina

La Cantera is an upmarket boutique hotel in the city of EL Calafate, in the spectacular Patagonia region of Argentina. The hotel has a cosy, alpine-lodge feel, and promises magnificent views over the surrounding lakes and mountains. The main attraction is walking and hiking on the nearby glaciers, in particular the magnificent Perito Merino.

Best for: Boutique Hotel, Setting & Views, Walking & Trekking

Las Bayas

Location: Argentinian Patagonia | Argentina

Las Bayas is a boutique hotel in the city of Esquel in Argentine Patagonia. The hotel is great for getting a feel for Patagonian town life and for exploring the region’s great natural beauty; the town is surrounded by several mountains, including the popular ski resort La Hoya, and provides easy access to the beautiful lakes and forests of Los Alerces National Park.

Best for: Boutique Hotel, Off the Beaten Track, Walking & Trekking

Los Cauquenes Resort & Spa

Location: Argentinian Patagonia | Argentina

Located in what locals call the end of the Earth, nestled between a private beach on the shores of the Beagle Channel and the magnificent Andes, Los Cauquenes Resort & Spa combines rustic architecture with high-end modern luxury and breathtakingly beautiful natural surroundings.

Best for: Setting & Views, Off the Beaten Track, Wildlife & Nature, Luxury Hotel

Los Cerros

Location: Argentinian Patagonia | Argentina

Perched above the town of El Chalten, Los Cerros lies in the foothills of the magnificent Patagonian mountains. This trekker’s paradise provides comfortable accommodation and friendly service with Argentinas mountains, lakes and rivers only a stone’s throw away.

Best for: Lodge, Setting & Views, Off the Beaten Track, Wildlife & Nature

Nibepo Aike

Location: Argentinian Patagonia | Argentina

Nibepo Aike is a boutique hotel in Argentina’s stunning Los Glaciares National Park, set on an authentic sheep and cattle ranch. Housed in a traditional Patagonian farm building of wood and corrugated tin, the hotel offers comfortable and traditionally designed accommodations, and a chance to experience ranch life as it has existed for a century in this beautiful corner of the world.

Best for: Family-friendly, Setting & Views, Walking & Trekking, Riding

Tres Valles Lodge

Location: Argentinian Patagonia | Argentina

Tres Valles is a luxury lodge in the Argentine province of Chubut, in Patagonia and near the border with Chile. The lodge is on a working cattle ranch surrounded by beautiful unspoilt countryside, and is in particular geared towards fishing – the surrounding rivers, including the Rio Pico and Rio Corcovado, offer some of the finest river fishing in the world. This is an intimate lodge, offering just four beautiful guest rooms built in an alpine cabin style; hearty Patagonian food awaits in the restaurant, and horse riding, walking and biking are all on offer should you not fancy getting your feet wet.

Best for: Setting & Views, Cultural Immersion, Riding


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