Luxury Holidays to Dominica

Dominica is a tropical and mountainous island of the Caribbean, with lush green forests and stretching white sands, and is the perfect spot for a luxury holiday. The capital city, Roseau, is found on the west side of the island and showcases Creole architecture from the 18th century. Tiny and charming, Roseau offers visitors an intimate look at the nation of Dominica. Although you can walk the entire town in about an hour, we recommend taking a leisurely stroll to get a much better feel for the place. See the Fort Young Hotel, an 18th-century fort built by the British, tour the Dominican Museum, pose for scenic nautical photos in front of the Bay Front Sea Wall and enjoy the chattering antics of native parrots at the local bird sanctuary.

Visit Morne Trois Pitons National Park to experience the eerie, steam-covered Boiling Lake, heated by its volcanic surroundings. Other natural wonders include the Trafalgar Falls, reaching a height of 65 metres, as well as the Titou Gorge.

As well as beautiful tropical landscapes, luxury Dominica island holidays offer so much more. Dominica is home to an array of rare plants, unique animals and bird species: look out for the country's national bird, found only in Dominica - the Sisserou parrot, which feature on the island’s flag. Meanwhile, the crystal-clear Caribbean waters are perfect for a diving trip - or lessons if you're a first-timer, as thriving corals and a range of marine life glide tranquilly below.


Natural wonders. The Morne Trois Pitons National Park is one of the most spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Caribbean, and is a must-visit, to see the Morne Trois Pitons volcano, tropical forest, deep valleys, freshwater lakes and hot springs.

Hiking. Dominica's tropical landscapes are perfect for scenic hikes, with trails (catering for all levels) through the rainforest getting you up close to endemic birds and rare plants.

Festivals. From Carnival to the annual World Creole Music Festival, tying in with Independence day and Kweyol Day, and Pan in the Sand (a celebration of steelpans), Dominica has exciting and colourful festivals all year round.
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