Atlantic Canada

A vacation in Atlantic Canada is a chance to experience some of the world’s most primeval landscapes. Home to magnificent coastlines and soaring mountains, many go on vacation to east coast Canada to explore the colossal scenery, the plethora of hiking and biking options, and the extraordinary whale watching opportunities.

Nova Scotia

Jutting out in the Atlantic, the island of Nova Scotia is a curious slice of Scotland in Eastern Canada’s bottom corner. Here, picture-book scenery blankets the terrain, with miles and miles of undulating hills and icy blue seas forming its attractive landscape. Most vacations to Nova Scotia begin in the capital, Halifax, where you’ll encounter a mishmash of cultures that blend the island’s Scottish, French and native Mi’kmaq ancestry. Allow some time for wine-tasting in Annapolis Valley, and hiking on scenically triumphant Cape Breton Island.


As an ex British colony, the island of Newfoundland only joined Canada in 1949, resulting in a melting pot of dialects and a warm and welcoming culture like nowhere else. The provincial capital, St John’s, is famed for its museums, restaurants and thriving folk music scene, while the East Coast Trail, the Long Range Mountains and Gros Morne National Park are all playgrounds for the outdoors enthusiast.


Stretching mainland Canada’s northeast tip, Labrador, or the ‘Big Land’ as it’s also known, is where landscapes become spectacularly vast. The area’s natural resources have contributed to a booming economy, but a vacation in Labrador is really all about off-the-beaten track adventure. Visit the aboriginal-influenced northern coast or watch the spectacular caribou migration, where herds of up to 750,000 cross the terrain.


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