Luxury Vacations in Canada

Canada, the globe’s second-largest country, is cultivated by nature’s most glorious achievements, from its snow-capped peaks down to its glassy lakes and majestic waterfalls.

Travel from west to east, exploring the fantastic scenery of the islands and inlets of Vancouver, that make for a great photo opportunity, to the famous Rockies and the pretty, cobbled streets and old native Indian settlements of Quebec. Such varied landscape makes Canada the ultimate place for outdoor pursuits.

An oasis for nature and wildlife-lovers; see a host of marvellous creatures from bald eagles, whales, dolphins, sea lions, coyotes, elk and deer. There are also a range of bears in Canada including black, brown, spirit, grizzly and, of course, polar bears that roam the glacial lands.

There is a wealth of outdoor activities waiting for you there, from water sports like fly-fishing, swimming, kayaking and white-water rafting to hiking, cycling and zip-lining in Canada’s phenomenal national parks and skiing in winter.

Getting around in Canada is so much more about the journey than getting from Point A to Point B. Skim across the glassy surface of the lakes, rivers and oceans in a floatplane, go on a self-drive adventure, cruise or boat ride and whatever you do, don’t miss out on the Rocky Mountaineer experience for the chance to see the beauty of Canada’s majestic peaks from up close.


Whale watching in the Strait of Georgia, off the coast of Vancouver Island.

Getting up close and personal with majestic polar bears in and around Churchill- a perfect photo opportunity.

Seeing the spectacular Northern Lights dancing in the vast night skies.

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