Regions in the UAE

If you wish to see the world’s tallest building, spend a day in the largest shopping mall and witness the hypnotic displays of arguably the most spectacular water fountain, then we recommend heading to Downtown Dubai for your vacation.

Alternatively, if it's a luxury beach escape that you are looking for then you definitely can't go wrong with a stay near Jumeirah Beach and The Palm. A great trip for all, make sure to venture into the Dubai Desert where your inner thrill-seeker can be unleased - think dune bashing in 4x4's and on quad bikes, sandboarding down the soft slopes and travelling across the vast stretches of sand on a camel! 

Harbouring the world’s tallest building, largest shopping mall and arguably most spectacular water fountain, Downtown Dubai is an absolute must-see on a vacation to this extravagant city. The Burj Khalifa tower soars 2,717 feet into the sky, and provides awe-inspiring views of the city and desert from its ‘At The Top’ observation deck on floor 124, demonstrating yet again Dubai’s passion for pioneering design.

A stunning backdrop of golden sand dunes lies just outside the glittering metropolis of Dubai. Embarking on a Dubai desert safari is how thrill-seekers get their kicks, from dune bashing in 4x4’s and quad bikes to surfing the soft slopes on a sand board, while those after something a little more relaxing will enjoy the camel rides, nature walks or captivating hot air balloon rides at sunrise.
For luxury Dubai beach vacations, we recommend Jumeirah Beach and the Palm. Brimming with high-end hotels, shopping malls and restaurants that epitomise modern luxury, Jumeirah Beach – or JBR to the locals – is a popular choice for well-heeled travellers and expats alike.


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