Regions in Egypt

Egypt offers plenty of history and culture from the iconic Pyramids of Cairo to the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria.

Egypt’s colourful capital is not just home to the country’s great Pyramids, but is also a bustling metropolis well worth spending a day or two in.

Sitting pretty on the East Bank of the mighty River Nile, Luxor (called Thebes in Ancient Egypt) is a lovely riverside city and one of Egypt’s most popular destinations.

The Mediterranean port city of Alexandria is a prime example of where historic and modern cultures go hand in hand. Once at the heart of the Egyptian Empire and founded by Alexander the Great, the city has a powerful past.

Downstream of Luxor, the riverside city of Aswan is less well known than its popular neighbour, but no less fascinating.

Stretching thousands of kilometres along the east coast of Egypt, the Red Sea region is home to some of the world’s most incredible underwater scenery and ideal Egyptian beach retreats.


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