Regions in Sri Lanka

Interested in visiting Sri Lanka, but don't know where to start? A beautiful collection of distinct regions, take a look at the fascinating Cultural Triangle, home to five UNESCO heritage sites including the staggering rock citadel of Sigiriya and the enchanting Dambulla cave complex. Next, be transported to the vibrant streets of Kandy, where you'll see a kaleidoscope of colourfully robed monks gravitate towards the Buddhist Temple of the Tooth. You might consider exploring Sri Lanka's colonial past with a tour of the tea plantations to meet local planters or alternatively, head to the Dutch colonial peninsula of Galle, to walk through the ramparts of the 17th century fort.

A Scottish tycoon named James Taylor introduced tea to Sri Lanka in 1867, and since then the country’s never looked back as one of the finest producers of tea in the world. The tranquil tea-country lies in the beautiful central highlands, and comprises beautiful scenery and clear echoes of the country’s colonial history. The colourful city of Kandy, known as ‘The Lost Hill Kingdom,’ was Sri Lanka’s last royal capital and retains both a vibrancy and serene charm, with an emerald lake at its heart, and tea carpeted hills all around it.

Artistic, historical and architectural gems from 1,500 years’ worth of dynasties and power struggles are contained within central Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle, home to ancient Buddhist temples; a staggering rock fortress that gives Cambodia’s Angkor Wat a run for its money; and the Ritigala Mountain, from which the monkey god Hanuman is said to have leapt across the sea to India.

Striking a bold contrast with the rest of Sri Lanka's undisturbed countryside and quiet villages, Colombo is the country at its busiest - as the capital and commercial centre of the island - and most Westernised. A definite highlight is the colourful and chaotic Pettah bazaar, a lively neighbourhood full of tuk-tuks and tropical fruit, where Colombo's multicultural population is at its most evident.

The hub of any visit to southern Sri Lanka is Galle. An eccentric little world of its own, Galle lies on a small peninsula in the south of the country, and is a fascinating place to wander through, with its Dutch colonial architecture and 17th century fort. This region is also home to the world's highest density of leopard with Yala National Park boasting an astounding abundance of wildlife. 


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