Regions in India

Within the chaotic tapestry of heaving cities and towns, oases of calm are generously sprinkled. From the verdant tranquillity of lazy Kerala and fairytale Ladakh, to the throbbing cores of roaring Chennai and Delhi, there is something here for everybody.

If you’re looking for an escape into unspoilt Indian tranquillity, the top and bottommost states are for you. The glacial Himalayan splendour of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand are perfect for the intrepid explorer and nature lover respectively. For a clash of vibrant urban culture within a surreally peaceful setting, head to the lush beauty of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, in the far south. For sheer indulgent beach relaxation, the famous golden towns of coastal Goa are simply unrivalled.

A chaotic blend of the old and new, Delhi and its surroundings hold a spectacular wealth of cultural gems, most notably the Taj Mahal. Many are tucked away into the nooks and crannies of the suburban sprawl, but are definitely worth seeking out. Once the Islamic capital of India, Old Delhi is now a colourful maze of narrow streets. Contrastingly, New Delhi is a largely metropolitan area but is peppered with ancient ruins. 

The ‘Land of the Maharajas’, Rajasthan is physically the largest state in India, covering over 10% of its land mass, as well as one of the poorest. A population loyal to tradition, a typical busy Rajasthani street will be alive with vivid saris, turbans and intricate jewellery – a chaos of colour that matches the fast-paced buzz of life here.

Legendary for its vibrant nightlife, fine cuisine and the glamorous, ever booming Bollywood industry, Mumbai is India’s economic epicentre. A city where soaring skyscrapers sit amongst filthy mazes of the slums, it truly is a staggering paradox of decadence and poverty. Gujarat, the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, is dotted with temples, while around western India you'll also find gastronomic delights and wildlife, and Goa has beautiful palm-fringed beaches. 

Calcutta is a warm, welcoming metropolis with a rich history of art, music and theatre, while the forests of the culturally diverse 'Seven Sisters' are flanked by the Himalayas, and Assam's lush green countryside is fertile ground for tea plantations and rice paddies. Head north to Arunachal Pradesh to see snow leopards, and east to visit rustic villages.
A balmy paradise of tranquil backwaters and lagoons, Kerala is a refuge from India's cities, sprawled along the Arabian Sea coast and best explored by boat, while Karnataka’s multitude of ruling dynasties are showcased by its present-day diversity of cultures, including Bangalore, India's 'Silicon Valley'.
From Agra to Andhra Pradesh, visit some of India's most evocative cities and sights as you travel through central India, not least the world-famous Taj Mahal. There's also atmospheric Varanasi, by the banks of the sacred Ganges, as well as numerous lesser-known gems.
Visit Tamil Nadu, the 'Temple of India', for rich Hindu culture, the bustling bazaars of Chennai and the lush green hills, and go to the Andaman Islands on the east coast to find a beautiful archipelago of pure-white beaches and clear waters rich with marine life.

A rugged wonderland of rock and ice, the formidable mountains of the Indian Himalaya are the perfect challenge for the bold hiker on the hunt for breathtaking scenery. See the snow-white stupas of Ladakh, India's 'Little Tibet' and the peaks, gorges and rivers of Himachal Pradesh.


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