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Amankora Punakha

Location: Punakha | Bhutan

Tucked away in one of the lowest valleys of the kingdom, the Amankora, Punakha offers guests an authentic Bhutanese stay in this luxurious and lovingly-restored lodge. The peaceful atmosphere of the quaint farmhouse truly reflects the rural tranquillity of the surrounding region, and the contemporary rooms offer an intimate space to unwind.

Best for: Honeymoon, Luxury Hotel, Chic Design, Setting & Views

COMO Uma Punakha

Location: Punakha | Bhutan

Overlooking the sweeping countryside of the Punakha Valley,COMO Uma Punakha is truly blessed with beautiful surroundings, nestled amongst the rural splendour of rice paddies and orchards, and perched magnificently on the grand Mo Chhu River.

Best for: Honeymoon, Luxury Hotel, Chic Design, Setting & Views

Dhensa Punakha

Location: Punakha | Bhutan

Amidst the pine forests and paddy fields of a stunning river valley, the Dhensa, Punakha invites guests to appreciate the purest form of luxury at their spiritual retreat. Promoting health and happiness, the hotel is the ideal place to nourish the soul, with quality Asian cuisine, a rejuvenating spa, beautifully-appointed rooms, and the peace of Mother Nature in the surrounding hills.

Best for: Honeymoon, Setting & Views, Peace & Quiet, Romantic


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