Regions in Bhutan

Shielded by the Himalayas, between India and Tibet, Bhutan offers a rare glimpse at a totally different - but rapidly evolving - world. As one of the few travellers privileged enough to visit The Land of the Thundering Dragon, you'll be greeted by sublime mountainous terrain; trek to ancient Buddhist temples that sit poised at the edge of rocky precipices, and all the while experiencing the myth of Shangri-La. Just as captivating as the Himalayas, with their pristine flora and fauna, are Bhutan's deeply spiritual people who peacefully yet steadfastly protect their unique Buddhist tradition. Breath the air of mystery that still clings to this little-visited country, and meditate upon a truly alternative approach to life.
The alpine region of Paro offers deep river gorges that cut through the valley with the glacial waters of snow-capped Mount Jomolhori, where ancient Buddhist fortresses hark back to the days when Tibetan invaders fought over the land, and the architectural feat of the Taktsang Monastery (‘Tiger’s Nest Monastery’) perches magnificently on a sheer mountain drop.
The pristine Himalayan wilderness of Central Bhutan hosts a wealth of the kingdom’s most diverse and fascinating flora and fauna. Explore a mystical land of dragon-inspired fortresses captivated in folklore and legend, where indigenous tongues celebrate endangered species and rolling alpine hills give way to glacial mountain ranges.
For over 300 years, Punakha served as the seat of the Bhutanese government, a beautifully scenic and fertile land in western Bhutan, steeped in regal history and mystique. Although the capital was moved to Thimphu in 1955, the region's majestic past can still be observed in its rich architectural fortress, the Punakha Dzong, housing the relics of an era when kings ruled from this valley.
Thimphu is the bustling capital city, located in western Bhutan, where the ancient practices of a mystical kingdom are challenged by an emerging nightlife scene. Yet the juxtaposition of old and new charm lends itself to a buzzing city where commercialisation is kept in check and the nation's powerful Shangri-La image shines through.


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