Luxury Vacations to Bhutan

A holiday in Bhutan offers a spiritual journey into a kingdom steeped in ancient legend and mythology. Blessed with outstanding natural beauty, the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’ combines regal monastic fortresses, glacial mountains and rolling alpine valleys, perfect for a secluded retreat or luxury honeymoon in the breathtaking Himalayan mountains.

With over 2000 sacred monasteries, Bhutan is an amazing place for avid photographers; discover the rocky terrain of the western highlands, where Paro is home to the iconic Tiger’s Nest Monastery, a magnificent fortress perched high on a mountain edge. Venture through the lush green terraces of rice paddies in Punakha to marvel at its riverside dzong, and haggle over yak tails and banana pods at the bustling weekend market in Thimphu.

The Central Region offers spectacular wildlife; catch the Himalayan bear of the Black Mountains, or the endangered migratory black-necked cranes of Phobjikha. Bumthang’s valleys are brimming with sacred temples, and the dragon-inspired fortress of Trongsa heralds the gateway between east and west.

Culture beats strongly in Bhutan; colourful festivals throughout the kingdom are crammed with traditional dress, masked dances and folk music. Monasteries and footbridges are adorned with assorted prayer flags fluttering in the wind, and auspicious mantras rotate upon elaborately-carved prayer wheels.

The quest for national happiness brings an enchanting dimension to a land that remains a largely untouched treasure to explore, and the fabled warmth of Bhutan hospitality is evident in the welcoming retreats throughout the kingdom. Call an Exsus expert today to plan your unforgettable journey through Bhutan’s uplifting kingdom. 


Journey to the iconic Tiger’s Nest Monastery, wrapped in mystique and surrounded by strings of prayer flags fluttering in the breeze. Perched precariously on a cliff-face, the spiritual – albeit lung-busting – 900m climb is well worth the effort, affording magnificent views of snow-capped peaks and blue pine forests every step of the way.
In a land crammed with ancient fortresses and sacred temples, Bhutan’s splendid architecture is everywhere you look.
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