Regions in Italy

From the cultural big-hitters of Rome, Florence and Venice to the clear waters of the Italian Lakes and off the beaches of Sardinia and Sicily, right through to the spectacular, world-renowned Amalfi Coast and Portofino, Italy offers enormous diversity.
Spread across 118 small islands, the city of Venice is as famous for its unique setting as is it is for its spectacular architectural beauty. Dotted with ornate palaces, charming piazzas, ancient cathedrals, the entire city is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The grand Basilica di San Marco has pride of place in the centre square, while the elegant Rialto Bridge and gondoliers navigating their way through the city indulge in the limelight accorded to them by visitors, photographers and painters, as well as proud locals.
The rolling hills of Tuscany are dotted with medieval villages, its restaurants indulge diners with splendid Tuscan dishes and fine local wines and, on its coastline, beaches bask in the warm Italian sun. The capital of the region, Florence, is among Tuscany’s treasures - and as the birthplace of the Renaissance, its wealth of artistic treasures is unsurpassed. Wander the traditional Italian streets, popping in and out of charming boutiques, galleries and elegant churches, and relax in the ambience of one of Italy’s most picturesque cities.
For a millennium, the ‘Eternal City’ was the centre of one of the greatest civilizations ever and, amazingly, so much still remains intact in Rome. Explore the incredible Colosseum and climb up St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City for spectacular views of the historical centre, where palaces, ruins and monuments stand as testament to Rome’s rich heritage. As you would expect from Italy’s capital, there are countless superb restaurants to choose from, and there is almost no end to the fashion boutiques - and of course some wonderful luxury hotels to spoil you rotten.
The Amalfi Coast is a photographer's dream, home to picturesque Italian landscapes, secret caverns and some of the country’s most idyllic towns. Known for its natural beauty, Capri is a perfect Mediterranean hideaway, decorated with simply stunning landscapes.
The long and narrow region of Puglia is the heel of Italy's ‘boot’, and the area where much of the country’s globally-devoured wine and olive oil begins life. Perhaps unsurprisingly then, the cuisine here is among Italy’s finest - and the region is dotted with wonderful beaches, limestone cliffs, Baroque churches and pyramidal-roofed trulli houses to discover in between table reservations. On your Italian escape, make the journey to wonderful Puglia for a glimpse of Italy behind the scenes.
Offering spectacular natural beauty and world-famous cuisine, Sicily is one of Italy’s best-loved treasures, where the iconic Mount Etna and splendid local restaurants battle it out for visitors’ affections. Hopping between Italy’s Aeolian Islands you’ll find plenty of treasures, from Stromboli’s volcano to the hot springs of Vulcano, and Salina’s vineyards to the upmarket nightlife of Panarea.
You haven’t tasted the best Italian gastronomy until you’ve visited Emilia-Romagna. Bordering Tuscany to the south and clutching at the Adriatic Sea in the east, Emilia-Romagna is a captivating pastiche of medieval towns, gorgeous countryside and lip-smacking home-grown dishes. The best part? This quiet pocket of northern Italy is surprisingly under the radar compared to its famous neighbours Tuscany and the Veneto, making it – we believe – the country’s best kept secret. 
Sardinians are spoilt with picture-perfect natural beauty wherever they look. Let the hours roll by while relaxing on its beautiful beaches, walk its hillsides for truly spectacular panoramic views, or experience the very best of its coastline by sailing the crystal clear waters of the idyllic Costa Smeralda. Be sure to discover Sardinia’s relatively unexplored ancient ruins and take some time to wander its colourful fishing villages for a taste of authentic island life. 

Portofino, one of the most exclusive spots on the Italian Riviera, is a chic yacht haven, with streets lined with designer boutiques, restaurants perched on the waterfront and colourful houses built in the traditional Italian style. Looking over the village, and across the sapphire ocean below, enjoying a luxury vacation in Portofino means experiencing Italy at its finest. After dining at one of the fabulous restaurants right on the waterfront, take a walk along the pretty harbour and soak up the exceptional surroundings.


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