Regions in Greece

Greece offers plenty of sightseeing and activities for cultural types, such as the incredible ancient ruins in Athens, while couples and honeymoons will be extremely well-catered for on the islands of Santorini and Mykonos. For top resorts and getaways for families, consider Crete or Halkidiki. 

With its ubiquitous white houses clinging to caldera-edge clifftops, blue-domed churches and show-stopping sunsets that are (rightfully) regarded as among the most beautiful in the world, Santorini is one of the most popular Greek Islands, frequented by everyone from honeymoon couples to photographers. 
Mykonos offers plenty for couples, families and friends looking for everything from blissful seclusion to waterfront restaurants and buzzing nightlife, alongside numerous beaches, with traditional villages and windmills dotted around the island.
The largest, greenest and most fertile island in the Cyclades, Naxos was the centre of ancient Cycladic tradition and Greek and Byzantine culture, but its period under Venetian rule means Italian influences can be seen in the mansions, castles and churches, which sit alongside the traditional Cycladic cubic houses and cobbled alleyways.
Crete’s isolated coves, eternal sunshine, beautiful landscapes and fascinating Roman and Turkish aqueducts have made it one of Greece’s most prized assets. The largest of the Greek Islands offers an extraordinary amount of diversity, from ancient Minoan palaces to Byzantine monasteries. Corfu, meanwhile, offers idyllic beaches and turquoise waters, with villages nestled in the hills.   
Rhodes has long enchanted travellers, and inhabitants and visitors over the centuries include philosophers, Olympic athletes, writers and filmmakers -known as the Island of the Knights, it is steeped in history and beauty.
Halkidiki’s golden sand beaches extend into the electric blue waters of the Aegean Sea and rolling pine-clad hills sit above the shores - ideal for a few days under the blissful sunshine.
Any Greece luxury vacation will be enriched by a journey through time exploring the ancient metropolis of Athens, the birthplace of democracy. Greece is home to more ancient sites than any other country in Europe, including the most iconic, the Acropolis.


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