Wasurenosato Gajoen

Location: Kyoto, Southern Honshu & Kyushu | Japan

Wasurenosato Gajoen is a luxurious ryokan inn in Kagoshima, which makes the most of the area’s rich volcanic activity and onsen hot springs. Surrounded by beautiful waterfalls, shrines and sites of historical and cultural interest, this is a place to explore at your own pace and recharge in the natural hot springs.
Perfect forRecharging in style.
In the know
  • Uses the water from three different geothermal springs to provide onsen hot baths of varying temperatures
  • Home-grown meat and vegetables used to create traditional Japanese cuisine
  • Traditional ryokan style design
  • Many rooms feature private onsen hot baths

Recommended for...

  • Cultural Immersion
  • Peace & Quiet
  • Food & Wine
  • Guesthouse or Inn

Hotel Overview

Sense of place

Wasurenosato Gajoen is tucked away in the quiet hot springs town of Myoken Onsen, surrounded by natural beauty on the southernmost tip of the island of Kyushu.

Rooms at Gajoen

Rooms are constructed and furnished in the traditional ryokan style, with exposed dark wooden beams, tatami flooring and futon-style bedding. Some feature private open-air onsen baths, where you can relax in privacy on a wide wooden terrace and look out over the Amorigawa River. Others feature a detached onsen living room, where a whole private room is dedicated to bathing.

Food and drink

Gajoen prides itself on the use of home-grown, pesticide-free ingredients, and chicken and vegetables come from their own private farm and garden. This produce is used to serve up healthy, traditional Japanese cuisine, with items to be found on the menu including salt-roasted sweetfish, hearty dago-jiru dumpling soup, and sticky rice with mountain vegetables. You’ll start the day off right with a traditional Japanese breakfast, with fresh vegetables, miso soup and rice cooked over a firewood stove.


Wasurenosato Gajoen’s onsen hot baths, roughly hewn from stone, are a beautiful place to relax after a day’s activities. Between 12 and 3pm anybody is welcome to use the onsen, and outside these hours you can book it for private use. The hotel has access to three separate geothermal wells, the water from which is combined to differing degrees so that the temperature can be regulated. There are a range of reflexology treatments on offer at the Spa, which is in a beautiful location over the Amorigawa River.

Activities at Gajoen

The Inukai-no-taki waterfall lies around one and a half kilometres away from the ryokan, and is an impossibly scenic and romantic spot – legend has it, in fact, as the destination of Japan’s first ever honeymoon, when the prominent 19th century political figure Ryoma Sakamoto came here with his wife. The nearby cave of Kumaso-no-ana is thought to have been home to the ancient Kumaso people, known as ‘bear people’ for their savagery and violence; a local artist has decorated the cave with beautiful paintings representing the history and mythology of Japan’s ancient peoples. Other sites nearby include the Wake and Kirishima shrines, and Shiobitashi Onsen Ryoma Park.

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Hotel location

Gajoen is around 15 minutes’ drive from Kogashima airport.

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