Ryokan Kayotei

Location: Japanese Alps & Northern Honshu | Japan

Ryokan Kayotei is a traditional ryokan inn in Yamanaka Onsen, a hot springs town near Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. The ryokan is renowned for its exquisite traditional kaiseki cuisine – multi-course Japanese feasts. The natural waters are the main attraction of this peaceful rural area, while nearby Kanazawa is a historic town home to numerous medieval buildings and attractions.
Perfect forA traditional Japanese hot springs retreat.
In the know
  • Set in Yamanaka Onsen, a peaceful area of Ishikawa
  • Easy access to the historical and cultural attractions of beautiful Kanazawa
  • Exquisite multi-course kaiseki cuisine

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Hotel Overview

Sense of place

The surroundings of forest-covered hills and hot springs, combined with the Old World atmosphere of the ryokan, give the impression that you’ve stepped back into medieval Japan. Service is highly attentive yet friendly and, like everything else at this ryokan, very traditionally Japanese.

Rooms at Ryokan Kayotei

Ryokan Kayotei's ten suite rooms are arranged in the traditional sukiya style of a tea ceremony pavilion. The walkways and floors are covered in tatami mats, in the manner of many traditional ryokan inns, and walls take the form of old fashioned sliding screens. The living areas are centred on low tables, around which are arranged chairs almost at floor level. At night, futon style bedding is laid out for you to sleep on. Traditional ikebana flower arrangements and ornately carved zelkova wood provide decoration.

Food and drink

Unsurprisingly, the food at Ryokan Kayotei is devotedly traditional, with the exquisite kaiseki multi-course dinners a highlight of any stay here. Locally sourced ingredients like rice, tofu and seasonal vegetables are whipped up into artful, visually exquisite dishes which taste as good as they look. Food is normally served in the privacy of your own room in the traditional style, but can also be enjoyed in a communal dining area if you prefer not to eat and sleep in the same space.


The main draw of Ryokan Kayotei’s location is Yamanaka’s hot springs, said to have been discovered by the influential Buddhist monk Gyoki in the 8th century. Ryokan Kayotei's beautiful main bath is surrounded by high glass walls, so you can gaze out over the forest as you enjoy the water. The baths encompass various plunge pools as well as more traditional wooden onsen.

Activities at Ryokan Kayotei

Yamanaka Onsen’s hot springs are what draw most visitors to the area, which is quiet and surrounded by beautiful forest-covered mountains. Around an hour’s drive away lies the regional capital, Kanazawa. This historic city is home to beautiful gardens like Kenroku-en, and historical attractions like Kanazawa Castle which dates back to 1580. Another medieval building, Myoryu-ji, is a fascinating temple built with secret passages, trick doors and hidden chambers.

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Hotel location

Ryokan Kayotei is around an hour’s drive from Kanazawa Station, which is connected to Tokyo by bullet train (2.5hrs).

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