Mozambique Safaris

A Mozambique safari may not have you ticking off The Big Five, but it will give you an exhilarating wilderness hit, and the chance to be part of a ground-breaking regeneration project.

In the little-explored Gorongosa and Niassa Reserves, you’ll venture where even scientists and researchers have scarcely explored – and whilst you may take a little more time to track large game, you’ll discover an incredible diversity of wildlife that’s reclaiming the parks once again.

For safari buffs who want true wilderness, and something that’s a little bit different, a Mozambique safari won’t disappoint.

Niassa Reserve

Twice the size of the Kruger National Park, the Niassa Reserves spans 42,000 sq kilometres of unfettered wilderness, and is the largest reserve in Mozambique. Due to its sheer scale, and the fact it has remained unchanged for hundreds of years, it induces a real “pioneering” spirit. Get ready to take game-drives amongst its formidable inselburgs, and have wild elephants roaming right up to your camp.

Gorongosa National Park

Bordering Tanzania and Zimbabwe, on the tip of the Great Rift Valley, Gorongosa National Park is known as “Africa’s Lost Eden” and prior to the 1970s, it was considered one of the finest game reserves in Africa. Today, you’ll witness the pioneering regeneration projects that have seen wildlife spring back into action (birds, African wild dogs, and huge herds of elephants are the real highlights) and you can also trek against a stunning diversity of backdrops, from acacia savannah, to dry forests, wetlands, and forested plateaux.


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