Northern Kenya

Elephant fan? Then head to Northern Kenya and more specifically to Samburu, a stunningly stark and arid reserve, famous for its great herds of elephant. Look out for them digging in sandy river beds for water, or moving almost silently through the trees. Keep your eyes peeled for the unusual northern species of animals (including the adorable fluffy-eared Grevy’s zebra), and admire the stunning landscape all around.

However, this rarely visited part of Kenya is not just about wildlife, as it’s also home to the Samburu people, who you’ll occasionally bump into, striding along in their bright red costumes and beaded jewellery. The Samburu are semi-nomadic and can be found as far north as Lake Turkana, the world’s largest permanent desert lake. Straddling the Ethiopian border, Lake Turkana, also called the Jade Lake for its vivid green colour, spans 250km along the Great Rift Valley and is known for its large population of Nile crocodiles - more than 20,000 reside here – as well as its huge herds of hippo and migratory bird life. Now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is a photographic feast, so be sure to have your camera at hand!


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