Luxury Rail, Plane, Cruise and Self-Drive Holidays

Travel the world’s most spectacular routes and discover trips where travelling is as much a part of the pleasure as the destination itself. Tailor-make a self-drive road trip, personalise an expedition-style cruise or experience an epic rail adventure and go on some of the greatest journeys in the world. Push the boundaries on a private jet journey or flying adventure, for the ultimate VIP holiday.

Great journeys come in various modes of transport and diverse destinations, but in many of them, a sense of history often plays a part - whether it’s recreating the Grand Tour through Europe, travelling along the route of Charles Darwin’s famous voyage around the Galapagos Islands, journeying up the Mekong in Vietnam or recreating the road trip across the USA that led to Jack Kerouac writing the classic On the Road.

Travelling by train holds a particular fascination, enabling you to evoke a golden age of travel and see the sights in comfort and style - and, with luxury trains and scenic routes in worldwide destinations as diverse as Canada, Peru, South Africa, Southeast Asia and Australasia, take your pick!

Our top cruises and yachting adventures offer yet another fantastic and memorable way to explore, and you can combine a luxury cruise with exceptional onshore adventures - and why not pair several destinations in one action-packed luxury holiday?

Then there are journeys that involve a sense of achievement, from climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and trekking to Machu Picchu to exploring the ends of the Earth, be it the Arctic or Antarctic.

For more inspiration, talk to our team of experts for their first-hand knowledge, and bring your great journey to life!



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