Laguna Seca

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Sequestered in the middle of Peru’s geo-thermal district, the former hacienda, Hotel Laguna Seca & Spa, uses the same hot springs that soothed the aching limbs of Incan Royalty five centuries ago to keep its guests comfortable, with eucalyptus-scented Turkish baths, muscle-relaxing treatments of milk and honey, and even has hot spring water piped into the bedroom’s splash pool-sized baths.
Perfect forThose who like the idea of soaking as the main order of the day.
In the knowNot just to relax the mind, these thermal waters have been proven to treat fatigue, rheumatism and respiratory problems. The waters also stimulate the natural defences, purify the blood, and help relieve stress, nervous tension and muscular cramps, as well as leaving your skin feeling and looking wonderful!

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Hotel Overview

Sense of place

Sitting just outside Cajamarca in a countryside setting, surrounded by the Andean mountains.

Rooms at Hotel Laguna Seca & Spa

The traditional rooms are accessed by shaded walkways and bamboo colonnades and are spread over 30 acres of landscaped gardens. The rooms have TVs, WiFi, and thermal water piped directly into the bathrooms.

Food and facilities

The menu at El Fogon, where cattle barons and breeders of fighting bulls once dined, is fairly hearty and you can expect Peruvian specialities as well as a Peruvian-international fusion dishes, such as Cecina shilpida (fried pork with scrambled eggs), grilled guinea pig and ceviche.

Activities at Hotel Laguna Seca & Spa

Standing at 2,719 metres above sea level and surrounded by beautiful and fertile valleys, Cajamarca is an attractive colonial city, where you’ll find former mansions now housing stylish hotels and restaurants, stunning cathedrals and churches, and a wealth of history. Cajamarca was the site where the Incan emperor Atahualpa met the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro, who later captured and executed Atahualpa, claiming the lands for Spain.
As well as exploring the area’s history, make sure you retreat into the embracing waters and rejuvenating baths at the hotel. You can detox with a session in the Turkish baths, scented by the wonderful aromas of eucalyptus leaves, or cool off in the outdoor swimming pool.

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