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For stylish beach bums in search of a luxury surfing pad, look no further than the rustic yet elegant hotels and accommodation along Central & Northern Peru.

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Gocta Lodge

Location: Central & Northern Peru | Peru

Designed to have the best views of Gocta Cataracts, the Gocta Andes Lodge certainly has one of the most spectacular outlooks in all of Peru. In fact, each of the hotel’s rooms has a balcony view of the waterfall in the distance, as well as views towards the forested mountains that surround it.

Best for: Off the Beaten Track, Setting & Views, Eco-tourism, Wildlife & Nature

Laguna Seca

Location: Central & Northern Peru | Peru

Sequestered in the middle of Peru’s geo-thermal district, the former hacienda, Hotel Laguna Seca & Spa, uses the same hot springs that soothed the aching limbs of Incan Royalty five centuries ago to keep its guests comfortable, with eucalyptus-scented Turkish baths, muscle-relaxing treatments of milk and honey, and even has hot spring water piped into the bedroom’s splash pool-sized baths.

Best for: Guesthouse or Inn, Off the Beaten Track, History & Heritage, Cultural Immersion


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