When to go to Chile

A slither of land stretching 3,000 miles up its coast, Chile is a land of extremes with contrasting climates in each region. This makes for a wonderfully diverse itinerary and in some cases a totally contrasting experience when you return in a different season.

Patagonia, for example, is definitely worth seeing in winter once you’ve experienced it in Chile’s summer months. Many of the hotels have taken a really creative approach to the winter season, with plenty of activities to experience the spectacular snow covered landscape.

Santiago and the Central Valley have an almost Mediterranean climate and a seasonal pattern that is the opposite to the UK. This is fantastic if you want to escape the UK winter, and soak up some sun on a sprawling wine estate. Conversely, hard-core skiers can head to the Andes from June to October for heliski adventures.

Finally, the Atacama Desert offers the opposite extreme to Patagonia as it’s generally hot and dry all year, and a top tip for Easter Island is to go in the cooler months of July and August when it’s less busy.


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