Sao Paulo & Southern Brazil

As you’d expect from the largest city in the southern hemisphere, Sao Paulo has a lot on offer. From an enviable collection of drinking holes and eateries (be sure to sample the particularly brilliant Japanese cuisine), to vibrant art and music scenes. The beautiful beaches of Ilhabela rival their more famous counterparts in Rio de Janeiro, and the city has a unique cultural flavour influenced by its huge immigrant populations – including the most people of Japanese descent outside of Japan, and the most of Italian heritage outside Italy. Among other things, this helps explain Sao Paulo’s reputation as one of the world’s great food cities. The nightlife isn’t bad, either, and Sao Paulo gives New York a run for its money as a city that never sleeps.

More than twice as large as Niagara Falls, the magnificent Iguazu Falls not only divide the powerful Iguazu River, they also separate Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. Comprising 270 separate falls that stretch for more than one and a half miles, many of which are over 200 feet in height, Iguazu affords visitors breathtaking panoramic views, particularly from the Brazil side. The Brazilian side also has the pick of the hotels, with the renovated Belmond-owned Das Cataratas just a stone's throw from the falls.

Along the pristine Emerald Coast, approximately 450 miles south of Rio de Janeiro, you’ll reach Florianopolis, the vibrant capital of Santa Catarina state. Florianopolis is divided between the mainland – a largely industrial district – and an island, connected by a bridge. This island has style in spades and with its many gorgeous beaches, each with its own personality, and exciting nightlife, Florianopolis is emerging as one of Latin America’s hottest destinations. Check out the fabulous Relais & Chateaux Ponta dos Ganchos, 50 minutes’ drive from Florianopolis and the ultimate in relaxation and luxury, Brazilian style.


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