Uyuni Vintage Airstreams

Location: Uyuni Salt Flats | Bolivia

Price guide: $$$$$ $350-$500 per person per night

Mile upon mile of dazzling white salt flats, eerie solitude, and other worldly sunsets... As if Bolivia’s Uyuni salt flats weren’t incredible enough, you can now be one of the first to experience them aboard a vintage Airstream campervan. You will be taken to and from your Airstream in a private chauffeur-driven 4WD vehicle - the journey is in itself an adventure, as you come across surreal landscapes of lagoons and geysers, remote villages and dancing flamingos. 

Perfect forAdventure-hungry travellers who want to do something that few others have experienced.
In the knowThe salt flats are blindingly white, so you’ll need to bring a good pair of sunglasses.

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Hotel Overview

Sense of place

Stay aboard the Uyuni Vintage Airstreams on the expansive salt flats in Uyuni, Bolivia.

Rooms at Uyuni Vintage Airstreams

The retro airstreams are simple but comfortable, and are specially adapted to the terrain. Inside you’ll have a bedroom area, a living space and a bathroom with a hot shower, as well as the all-important heating (temperatures drop significantly at night).

Food & Drink

A fully-equipped bar, kitchen and supplies will be transported, before a chef prepares your Bolivian-inspired gourmet dinner, served with local wines on the flats in the evening.

Activities at Uyuni Vintage Airstreams

As you journey across the salt flats you’ll encounter the most surreal and awe-inspiring landscapes. Depending on which itinerary you follow, you’ll have the chance to see mound upon mound of glistening salt, vast mineral lakes - red and green and filled with flamingos - and rock formations that look like they’ve come straight out of a sci-fi film.

As night falls, you’ll feel like the last person on the planet: enveloped by silence, and beneath a perfect canopy of stars.

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Hotel location

You can fly from La Paz to Uyuni for your experience aboard the Uyuni Vintage Airstreams. Flights take between 40 minutes and 1 hour.

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