Regions in the USA

Distinct cultures carve the USA into pockets of incredible landscapes and activities. From California's laid-back surfing culture that follows the crashing waves of the Big Sur to the cowboy country of the Southwest, dominated by the monumental Grand Canyon and the glitz of Las Vegas, there is so much to see and do in North America that the list is never-ending. 

Sunny California is the ultimate luxury US holiday destination for honeymoons, family holidays and self-drive road trips. Visit the immense Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco; celeb-spot in LA; watch whales breaching as you drive down Highway One; and be awestruck by the views from Half Dome in Yosemite National Park.
For a diverse, memorable and quintessentially American holiday, look no further than America's Southwest, from the manmade irresistible kitsch of Las Vegas to the impressive natural wonders of the Grand Canyon and the many other stunning national parks that proudly occupy vast landscapes.
New York State offers a wide variety as a luxury holiday destination. The infamous Big Apple provides an exciting city break while the vast landscapes beyond the city feature mountains, vineyards, beach breaks and more.
For both sun worshippers and culture junkies, a luxury Florida holiday will tick all the boxes, and with over 600 miles of beaches, the Sunshine State certainly earns its moniker. From dazzling Miami to the chilled out Caribbean vibes of Key West, Florida is worthy of any US itinerary.
Snowy peaks, roaming prairies, explosive geysers and wild, dramatic landscapes: Yellowstone and the Rockies and the spectacular northern national parks of Wyoming, Colorado, Montana and South Dakota present a spectacular and untamed realm, preserved from a time before the pioneers arrived, and form an unmissable part of a US holiday itinerary.
Discovered by the USA’s first wave of pioneers in 1620, and spanning six diverse East Coast states, New England promises a luxury holiday that’s filled with history, picturesque landscapes, and exclusive boutique hideaways worthy of the Ivy League. An absolute must for pilgrims of all things Americana, and the perfect contrast after New York City.


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