Tel Aviv

The bustling metropolis of Tel Aviv is often considered one of the world's most vibrant cities, full of historic as well as modern-day wonders. Literally translating as 'Hill of Spring' in Hebrew, the city embraces a character of constant renewal, as flowers bloom, streets buzz and new hotspots open. The nightlife here can arguably compare to that of a Mediterranean Manhattan. Hip and happening bars and restaurants come to life after dark, with rooftop settings providing an alternative angle to see the city.

The city's old town of 
Jaffa brings you traditional Israeli charm with historic architecture, set to one side from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Arched alleyways and grand stone structures take you back in time, while the flea market and clock tower are key drawing points for most visitors to see and experience. 

Tel Aviv's beaches offer Mediterranean bliss with a Middle Eastern twist, with a 14km-long seashore. Often unsung, any of the beaches make for a magical sunset viewpoint. Head to Alma Beach for sandy simplicity, or to Metzitzim Beach for a more glamorous vibe.


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