Regions in Panama

Head into tropical rainforest for some of the best birdwatching on the continent, explore gorgeous archipelagos such as Bocas del Toro and the San Blas Islands on the Caribbean side, and enjoy spectacular snorkelling and diving: or relax at a beautiful luxury hotel on a spectacular Pacific coast beach.

Havana-esque, the faded colonial old town, Casco Viejo, combines with North American-style skyscrapers within compelling and history-packed Panama City. Wander the cobbled streets and markets, sip a cocktail at one of the salsa clubs, and visit the Panama Canal to see vast ships squeezing through the series of towering locks.
For nature lovers and water babies, this archipelago of tiny islands in the Caribbean sea is a total paradise. Bocas del Toro boasts dazzling white sand beaches and some great hotels – including the epitome of barefoot luxury, Punta Caracol. From this gorgeous string of water bungalows, you can slip into the crystal waters for fantastic snorkelling, deep sea fishing, scuba diving and dolphin spotting.
The spring-like climate of beautiful Boquete in the Eastern Highlands provides a welcome break from the lowland heat. Nestled in the foothills of one of Panama’s largest dormant volcanoes, it is known for its rich volcanic soil and coffee plantations, interspersed with orange groves and luxuriant gardens.
Scattered in the Caribbean Sea, and home to ancient indigenous cultures, the 300 or so islands of San Blas make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. You’ll also feel a little like a giant when you meet the Kuna Indian communities, whose ancestors fled here when the conquistadors invaded the mainland. See the men climbing trees for coconuts, and the women weaving exquisite patterned cloth.
The larger waves of the Pacific Coast make it great for surfers, but for pristine beaches, virgin rainforests, and the best sport fishing in Central America, the Pearl Islands are the place to go. Once a hiding place for buccaneers, these islands are famous for supplying the most expensive pearl in the world, once owned by Elizabeth Taylor.


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