Regions in Honduras

Honduras has plenty going for it as an exotic luxury holiday destination with adventure sports in steamy jungle; the Paris of Mayan sites, Copan; the spectacular Pico Bonito National Park; and some of the best diving and snorkelling in the world in the Bay Islands.

Cultural centre of the Mayan civilisation, the sprawling Copan complex is renowned for its hieroglyph staircase which has the world’s longest Mayan text. With rainforest and mountain as your backdrop, you’ll see totem poles and terraces where the Mayans played a savage and ritualistic form of football.

With their powdery white sandy beaches, swaying palms and crystalline waters sheltering the second largest reef in the world, the Bay Islands are THE place to head for incredible diving and snorkelling.

Brimming with wildlife the like of which you’ve never even heard of, pristine Pico Bonito National Park is paradise for wildlife fanatics and adventure lovers. Even seasoned naturalists are drawn to the 325 varieties of bird that populate the jungle, along with jaguars, ocelots, kinkajous, peccaries and several species of monkey.


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