Lakshman Sagar

Location: Rajasthan | India

Lakshman Sagar was originally built as a hunting lodge in the 19th century by a Rajasthani nobleman, Lakshman Singh Ji. Designed to house other noble families and British emissaries, the resort retains a rarefied and luxurious air while also paying tribute to, and allowing you to experience, local culture: turban-tying, pottery classes and village visits are all optional activities here.
Perfect forExperiencing rural Rajasthan in style.
In the know
  • Luxuriously restored former nobleman’s hunting lodge
  • 12 charming cottages separated by a beautiful lake
  • Traditional Rajasthani cuisine and cooking lessons
  • Equidistant from Jodhpur and Ajmer

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  • Peace & Quiet
  • Romantic
  • Setting & Views
  • Cultural Immersion

Hotel Overview

Sense of place

Efforts have been made to ensure that Lakshman Sagar retains its historical atmosphere, and original features abound like machan hides used for tiger spotting, and a man-made lake used to attract game. Today, the lodge is committed to eco-friendly tourism and environmental initiatives.

Rooms at Lakshman Sagar

Accommodation at Lakshman Sagar is split across 12 charming cottages, which are luxurious while retaining a sense of rustic warmth through their mud-and-stone construction. 6 of the cottages are on one side, and the other 6 on the other, and they are all built in and shaped by the natural contours of the hills. Each one has a private splash pool overlooking the lake, carved from local granite, as are the sinks in the grey slate bathrooms. Recessed shelves are carved into the uneven stone walls in traditional style, and painted in neon greens to add a splash of colour. Interiors are decorated with objects reflecting traditional Rajasthani culture, with repurposed brass pots, pans and butter churners bringing to mind the activities of village life.

Food and drink

Lakshman Sagar has a commitment to the ethos of slow food, serving up lovingly prepared local dishes in a variety of locations of your choosing, whether it’s breakfast in the fields, lunch by the lake or dinner on a float or around the campfire. Expect north Indian specialities, which means thalis, rice and dhal, and rich meat and vegetable curries.


A range of massage and wellness treatments are available by appointment, and the machan – once used as a hide for spotting tigers – now hosts yoga and meditation sessions. The Zanana and Mardana, formerly separate men’s and women’s quarters, are now communal lounging areas. There is also a sundeck and a swimming pool cut from a single rock.

Activities at Lakshman Sagar

Activities on offer in the local area include nature walks, goat herding, star gazing and horse riding. Tastings of local liquor are also available, along with tours to nearby villages to meet local people. The biggest city nearby (about 2 hours’ drive) is the Blue City of Jodhpur, one of Rajasthan’s most iconic destinations and home to the imposing Mehrangarh Fort, bustling bazaars, and endless winding, sky-blue alleyways. A similar distance away is the city of Ajmer, central to Rajsthan’s Islamic history and home to a famous shrine to the 12th-century Sufi saint Moinuddin Chishti. Cookery classes are on offer back at the hotel, along with other traditional activities like turban-tying and pottery making.

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Hotel location

The closes commercial airport is Jodhpur, around 2 hours away, which welcomes regular flights from Delhi (1h20m) and Mumbai (1h40m).

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