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A chaotic blend of the old and new, Delhi and its surroundings hold a spectacular wealth of cultural gems, most notably the Taj Mahal. Many are tucked away into the nooks and crannies of the suburban sprawl, but are definitely worth seeking out. Once the Islamic capital of India, Old Delhi is now a colourful maze of narrow streets, saturated with crumbling buildings, bustling marketplaces and traffic. Contrastingly, New Delhi is a largely metropolitan area but is peppered with ancient ruins – a lingering tribute to the countless emperors and conquerors who left their mark on the city.

In the heart of this sits the iconic Imperial Hotel, understatedly elegant and filled with priceless Colonial art. With its spread of award winning restaurants and central location, the Imperial is a stone’s throw away from New Delhi’s renowned shopping district and close to many major cultural attractions. The list of things to see around Delhi is endless. The Lal Qila, or Red Fort, is arguably the city’s greatest homage to decadent Mughlai architecture (and there are many to choose from!). Fittingly, the sandstone walls of the fort are used to narrate the rich history of Delhi, in a spectacular performance of light and sound that you can catch six evenings a week. Explore the ruined relics that litter the Mehauli Archaeological Park in South Delhi, or sit on the marble floor of the Hazrat Nizam-ud-din Auliya and listen to the Sufis singing qawwali as the sun sets. For a taste of Mughlai cuisine, the family-owned Alkauser takeaway is an absolute must, with delicious shahi kormas, parantha and galouti kebabs.


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