Luxury Holidays to Turkey

Once you’ve had your first taste of luxury holidays in Turkey, you’ll be hungry for more.  An oriental jewel straddling Europe and Asia, Turkey is one of the most intriguing luxury holiday destinations you could dream of. With its mesmeric mix of vibrant cultures, spectacular landscapes and idyllic coastline, you’re sure to be captivated by this Eurasian gem. 

Beach Holidays in Turkey

Sun-drenched beach holidays are the big draw for many, afforded by Turkey’s fantastic position on the eastern edge of the Mediterranean. Warm, azure seas are the playground for windsurfing enthusiasts in up-and-coming Alaçati, a small coastal town west of Izmir where Turkey’s trendy elite rub shoulders with savvy travellers in search of cool, arty boutiques and authentic markets. Down the coast, the Bodrum Peninsula stretches out toward Greek islands and boasts a striking scenic backdrop that makes a luxury sailing holiday here unbeatable. Bodrum delivers every time for a relaxing summer holiday, as does the dazzling Turquoise Coast with its pine forests, fisherman villages and pristine shores – not to mention the exclusive luxury hotels with their private beaches. 

Culture and Landscape

However, Turkey has a lot more to offer on top of its stunning coastline. For starters, Turkish culture is incredibly rich thanks to its eclectic heritage: Turkey has lived under the empires of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans, and relics of these civilisations can be seen today. You can’t miss the ancient ruins at Ephesus near Sirince, the best preserved classical city with iconic Greek columns at Celsus Library, a sweeping amphitheatre and the small stone cottage that was the final resting place of the Virgin Mary. Then there’s the surprising landscape: further inland in central Turkey, the ethereal terrain of Cappadocia is an astonishing sight with mushroom-shaped rock formations and cave houses carved into the rock. You can explore these by trekking, horse-riding or better yet, soaring through the skies on a magical hot air balloon ride that you’ll never forget.

Istanbul City Breaks

Of course, no holiday to Turkey would be complete without a visit to the magnetic Istanbul. Charmingly frenetic, Istanbul leaves each and every visitor enthralled by its inimitable culture – you can pass historic mosques and palaces in the morning and find yourself scouring modern, trendy boutiques in the afternoon. You could go from picking up sweet baklava and Turkish delight from a stall in the frenzied labyrinth of the Grand Bazaar to devouring exquisite Mediterranean cuisine in one of the elegant restaurants dotted along the banks of the Bosphorus. For an exciting city break in Europe, or an explosive beginning or end to your Turkey holiday, Istanbul truly is a must-see destination.


Envisioning bygone eras in Istanbul with relics of the Byzantine and Ottoman civilisations peppered throughout this charismatic metropolis. Gazing at the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia as the magical call to prayer echoes across the city never ceases to enchant us.

Plunging into the aquamarine sea and learning to windsurf with the locals in Alaçati.
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