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Having spent the day discovering this beautiful part of the world, you'll be thankful for the wood-fired sauna and soothing Jacuzzi  at the Fjellborg Arctic Lodge, while unique hotels like the Icehotel and Treehotel make for one-of-a-kind experiences. Our selected hotels in Swedish Lapland are reason enough to travel - however, we've also made sure that they are well-placed for you to see the Northern Lights and to explore the wintry world that's right on your doorstep.  

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Arctic Bath

Location: Swedish Lapland | Sweden

Free-floating in the summertime and surrounded by frozen water in winter, Arctic Bath is a distinctive hotel with a design like no other. Majestic timbers encapsulate the natural focus of the hotel, surrounding the main building and jutting into the sky at all angles.

Best for: Setting & Views, Spa & Wellness, Unusual, Luxury Hotel


Location: Swedish Lapland | Sweden

The first hotel of its kind in the world, the ICEHOTEL is a beautiful and unique hotel. Blocks of ice from the nearby Torne River are carved each winter into unique rooms and suites, each designed by a different artist, only to melt away again the following spring. There’s a range of snowy activities to choose from, including dog and reindeer sledding and winter wilderness survival courses, and this is also one of the best regions anywhere to view the enigmatic Northern Lights.

Best for: Unusual, Off the Beaten Track, Service & Hospitality, Chic Design


Location: Swedish Lapland | Sweden

If you thought your days of camping out in a treehouse were long gone, think again. The exclusive Treehotel in northern Sweden, dreamt up by owners Britta and Kent, is an innovative concept that allows you to relive childhood fantasies and sleep in the treetops. Combining ecological values, slick design and friendly service in an area of unspoilt natural beauty, the Treehotel is an utterly unique place to stay.

Best for: Chic Design, Lodge, Setting & Views, Unusual

Fjellborg Arctic Lodge

Location: Swedish Lapland | Sweden

Fjellborg Arctic Lodge is a family-run exclusive luxury lodge in Swedish Lapland, east of Kiruna and north of Jukkasjärvi. The perfect place for a luxury adventure holiday, this is a stylish and cosy place to stay in the stark beauty of the Swedish tundra.

Best for: Seriously special, Romantic, Private Groups, Family-friendly

Sapmi Nature Camp

Location: Swedish Lapland | Sweden

Sapmi Nature Camp is an adventure camp in the beautiful Laponia region of Swedish Lapland, offering a unique glamping experience. Staying in stylish lavvu tepees, you’ll spot wildlife, forage in the forest and marvel at the stunning Northern Lights, while enjoying traditional Sami hospitality back at the camp - it is owned and run by local Sami people, ensuring a truly authentic stay.

Best for: Landscapes & Scenery, Cultural Immersion, Wildlife & Nature, Unusual

Arctic Retreat

Location: Swedish Lapland | Sweden

Arctic Retreat is just what its name suggests: a remote getaway in the stunning wilds of the Arctic, specifically the magical landscapes of Swedish Lapland. Staying in a stylish modern take on a traditional log cabin, you’ll hike and forage in the nearby forest, fish, kayak or skate on the adjacent lake, and take in the stunning Northern Lights, while enjoying home-cooked food and family hospitality.

Best for: Landscapes & Scenery, Off the Beaten Track, Wildlife & Nature, Adventure

Aurora Safari Camp

Location: Swedish Lapland | Sweden

Getting under the skin of rugged northern Sweden is what the Aurora Safari Camp is all about. This extreme glamping experience in the wilderness of the Arctic Circle comes with cosy campfires, wood-burning stoves and reindeer hides, and the result is an authentic and exclusive camp that gets you back to nature.

Best for: Setting & Views, Off the Beaten Track, Unusual, Wildlife & Nature

Brandon Lodge

Location: Swedish Lapland | Sweden

Discover the Northern Lights and the beautiful landscapes of Swedish Lapland from your cosy private wooden cabin at Brandon Lodge. Memorable activities from dog-sledding to snowmobiling are waiting for you just in front of your door!

Best for: Adventure, Guiding, Wildlife & Nature, Setting & Views

Pine Bay Lodge

Location: Swedish Lapland | Sweden

At Pine Bay Lodge, have a memorable home away from home adventure in a classic Swedish lodge, while watching the Northern Lights in the beautiful wilderness of Swedish Lapland.

Best for: Adventure, Wildlife & Nature, Guiding, Setting & Views


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