Regions in Sweden

A luxury holiday in Sweden has something to suit all tastes, from buzzing urbanity in Stockholm and Gothenburg to beautiful Arctic landscapes and the Northern Lights in Swedish Lapland.
Sweden's capital effortlessly combines historic architecture, palaces and castles (some of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites) with unique restaurants and bars, hip and fashionable boutiques, cutting edge design and vibrant nightclubs, alongside leafy green parks and tranquil waterways. Move beyond contemporary Stockholm and you’ll find a traditional Sweden still clinging on to its Scandinavian roots.
The fairytale snowy landscapes up north in the Arctic Circle are most famously home to Father Christmas, and this, together with the Narnia-like settings, the chance to see the magical Northern Lights, experience adventures such as dog sledding and snowmobiling, and stay in some unique hotels (such as the Icehotel, which is created entirely from pure ice each year), makes Swedish Lapland a perfect spot for an enchanting festive family break.
Fashionable Gothenburg may not be Sweden’s capital, but the country’s second-largest city outshines its big brother, Stockholm, in many respects. Away from the urban buzz, Sweden’s west coast is home to beautiful seaside villages, diving spots and islands.
Southern and southeast Sweden are less-visited regions of the country, with most tourists heading to the cosmopolitan cities of Gothenburg and Stockholm and the wintry wastes of Swedish Lapland. The area has much to offer, though, with fertile rolling farmland, sandy beaches, historic coastal villages and beautiful islands – all relatively free from the tourist hordes.


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