Regions in Russia

Take in the many world-class gems of Moscow and St Petersburg, taking time out in scenic rooftop bars and in equally world-class theatres, and venture off the beaten track to the historic towns and churches of the Golden Ring.

Russia’s capital is the epitome of how Russia doesn’t do things by halves. Steeped in provocative history, Moscow highlights the best of the past with the present, forming a modern city brimming with contrasts. Skyscrapers rise majestically behind iconic 'onion' domes, streets feature splendid architecture interspersed with the lush open spaces of inner-city parks, and ballet and circus acts vie for your attention against a thriving nightlife.

Russia's great Imperial city, St Petersburg is a dazzling cornucopia of extravagant palaces, cathedrals, theatres and galleries that reflect the opulence of the Tsarist period. Dreamt up by Peter the Great some 300 years ago, St Petersburg was intended as a symbol of Russia's wealth and sophistication, and blossomed from barren swamp to scintillating modern city under the watchful eye of the Romanovs.

Go on a truly unique road trip into the heart of Russia. The Golden Ring is a themed religious route visiting significant cities north-east of Moscow. During this route you will encounter unspoilt countryside dotted with ancient domed churches, monasteries, historic architecture, quaint cottages in ancient cities and dachas (Russian summerhouses), venturing inside centuries-old churches and visiting markets.


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