Bordeaux & the Wine Country

The world’s capital city of wine production, Bordeaux and its wine country is perfect in just about every way. From its honey-coloured buildings that face the grand sweeping curve of Le Garonne river, to its sun-drenched vineyards that produce the greatest of wines, Bordeaux will charm anyone whether a couple on their honeymoon, a family looking for adventure, or friends on a weekend trip.

For centuries, Bordeaux has been a doorway to paradise for the oenophile or wine lover, but with recent renovations, such as pedestrianised boulevards, restored neoclassical architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site listing, the city centre is a haven in its own right. Dotted along the streets of Bordeaux are contemporary art museums and grand 18th century mansions, and mixing in beautiful public gardens and graceful fountains, have your fill of art and culture along the cobbled streets- making sure to visit the Musee des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux.

After the beautiful city has drawn you into its elegant buildings and splendid Michelin star restaurants, allow yourself to be enchanted by the Bordelais countryside. To the east, the renowned vineyards stretch out their green rows towards magical medieval wine towns, like St-Emilion, whilst to the west, the siren call of the Atlantic promises powder white-sand beaches and perfectly blue waters.

Needing no introduction, Bordeaux wines command respect from around the world as they set the standard for quality and flavour. The birth of the first Bordeaux winery was recorded in 71AD, when the Romans sought to create a great wine for local consumption- and from what they sowed, we reap. From a mouthful of golden Graves to a last glass of Medoc, lower your nose into the bountiful bouquet of the Bordeaux wines and breathe in, what the French call, la douceur de vivre (the sweetness of living).


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