Luxury Holidays in Vietnam

A luxury holiday or honeymoon in Vietnam has got va va voom.

You could be cycling through the French colonial capital, Hanoi, amid thousands of locals on bikes, or enjoying a peaceful cruise through the dramatic cliff scenery of Halong Bay. In south Vietnam, you'll find the thronging Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) and the Mekong Delta with its floating markets and some beautiful beach and island escapes, while a central Vietnam holiday is a cultural, historical and visual feast, with the elegant cities of Hue and Hoi An leading the field.

Although having suffered a turbulent past, Vietnam is now flourishing. Luxury hotels, high end shops and five-star restaurants are springing up rapidly, while the breathtaking countryside shows little if any sign of past conflict. A holiday to Vietnam takes you past glistening paddy fields and powder white beaches, through spectacular knobbly mountains and along shimmering turquoise bays. For those with a flair for adventure, there are plenty of options for hiking and trekking here too.

Did we mention the food? Gourmet travellers on holiday in Vietnam are in for a treat. A heavy use of fresh vegetables and herbs make the cuisine not only delicious but healthy too. Fusing Chinese and French influence - soups, dumplings, baguettes and rice dishes are all favourites - don’t miss the night markets and floating markets for sampling some of these gourmet highlights. 

And with gorgeous wellness retreats and luxurious beachfront resorts scattering its most beautiful regions, it's not hard to see why a luxury honeymoon or holiday in Vietnam comes very highly recommended!


Halong Bay. Explore the beaches, forests and caverns of the uninhabited limestone islands that rise majestically from the calm waters of the iconic Halong Bay.

Festival Hue. During Hue’s annual festival, one of the biggest events in Vietnam’s calendar, local and visiting artists perform theatre, music, dance, circus, art  and puppetry in the city’s citadel, perched elegantly on the banks of the Perfume River.
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