Regions in Indonesia

Bali and Lombok have some of the best beaches and surfing in the world, but there’s so much more we want you to experience including Bali’s vibrant gourmet scene, Indonesia’s cultural heart of Ubud, and our hand-picked luxury wellness retreats which nestle amongst the rice terraces.

As for Java, you’ll be blown away by the ancient Buddhist temple of Borobudur, and magnificent sunsets seen from the summit of Mount Bromo.

Then, as you venture into the protected rainforests of Sumatra - and Kalimantan on Indonesian Borneo - you’ll come face to face with orangutans on an unforgettable wildlife adventure.
If you think Bali is just about beaches, think again. In the cultural capital of Ubud, you can immerse yourself in the island’s vibrant Hindu culture; wander galleries and craft markets, and even try a traditional Balinese dance class. We can also guide you to some of the most stunningly located wellness retreats: poised above the plunging rice terraces, and the quieter black-sand beaches of the North.
A land of majestic volcanoes, Java will impress. Although the island is famed for its dense population, the retreats we’ve chosen are a world away from the crowds, and have an exquisite sense of still amidst awe-inspiring landscapes. Make the early morning pilgrimage to Borobudur, and explore this 8th century Buddhist temple which was shrouded in ash for almost a thousand years.
Culturally distinct from neighbouring Bali, and more laid-back, Lombok is Indonesia’s hidden treasure. The staggering views from the island's magnificent centrepiece, Mount Rinjani, are the reward for the heart-pumping trek to the summit, its pristine south coast boasts some of the best beaches in Indonesia and the alluring Gili islands, which lie off its shores, showcase unspoilt white sand beaches.

The sense of discovery you feel as you explore the eastern Indonesian Islands is indescribable. Perhaps most familiar to international ears is the island of Komodo, home to the famous dragons of the same name. The largest lizards in the world, these prehistoric beasts grow up to 3 metres in length and roam the Komodo National Park, spread across the islands of Komodo, Rinca and Padar and several smaller ones.

Kalimantan is home to mighty mountains, winding rivers and colourful wildlife from the iconic orangutan to proboscis monkeys, kingfishers and macaques. Trek through lush green jungles, see remote villages, and navigate the waterways in traditional klotoks.
With its western regions clad almost entirely in UNESCO-protected rainforest, Sumatra, Bintan and the surrounding islands are an absolute wonderland for wildlife lovers. Parting the vines, and canoeing downriver with your expert guide, you’ll hunt for signs of the incredibly rare Sumatran rhino and tiger; see extraordinary bromeliads dotting the forest floor; and enjoy a magical up-close encounter with orangutans.


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