Entebbe & Kampala

Entebbe is your arrival point at the start of your holiday in Uganda, and this former capital city offers an attractive introduction to the country. It sits on a peninsula on the shores of the vast Lake Victoria, dotted with islands, and we recommend experiencing a sunset cruise on its serene waters – an ideal and beautiful way to enjoy the lake and its scenery.

Find out more about local landscapes and wildlife at the Botanical Gardens, which are full of lush green rainforest, colourful flowers, exotic birds and wildlife such as monkeys and tree squirrels, the Wildlife Education Centre (also the national zoo) and the Reptiles Village, where you can see some of the world’s most deadly snakes, and visit chimps on a forest walk at the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary. Swim or relax on the sands of Banga Beach.

In Kampala, 40km from Entebbe, you can drink in the buzzing atmosphere and browse the busy, colourful markets, full of stalls piled high with mangoes and brightly-patterned clothes. The centre may be bustling, but head further out and you’ll find green, leafy gardens.

Kampala is the heart of the Buganda kingdom, the largest of the traditional kingdoms in modern Uganda, and has a rich and eclectic history – discover it in the palaces, temples, the Bulange Royal Building and the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Kasubi Tombs, the burial place of the Buganda kings and royal family. There are also museums and galleries to visit, or take in a show or some African drumming at the National Theatre.


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