When to go to Kenya

Being on the equator means that Kenya enjoys hot weather all year round. There are however, certain months to avoid because of the heavy rains at certain times of year, in particular, May and November when a lot of camps and lodges close. 

A fantastic time of year to visit is from mid December through until the end of February when Kenya is hot and dry. The parks are greener and with practically empty reserves (Amboseli is particularly good), and you’ll also find fantastic visibility off the coast for diving and snorkelling.

Low season starts again in April through May where most camps will close temporarily. Everything then opens up again in July in time for one of the biggest attractions in Kenya, the Great Wildebeest Migration.

The herds head to the Mara in July and remain there until October. September is the best opportunity to witness it, as the population is most concentrated in Kenya at this time, and you’ll also be able to capture incredible images of wildebeest leaping over the river. There are no guarantees however as the migration can arrive late if rains continue in some areas or fail in others but this is the best time to visit.

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