Okavango Delta & Moremi

A luxury safari in the Okavango Delta is like stepping into a Henri Rousseau painting: a magical, exotic, almost surreal wildlife paradise, home to thousands of birds and animals. It is a wilderness sanctuary of over 15,000 km² filled with water channels, lagoons and islands. Each year, floodwaters flow from the central African highlands over 1,000 km away into the delta to create this wondrous wetland within a desert. It is home to large numbers of wildlife from common mammals and birdlife to those that are not often seen elsewhere, such as sitatunga, wild dog, and wattled crane.

Hop into a traditional mokoro (dug-out canoe) and immerse yourself in the sound of belching bull-frogs as your guide navigates through the labyrinth of waterways. As for larger residents, including numerous hippo lurking in the papyrus swamps, you may prefer to encounter them atop a pontoon style boat.

An island-haven in the middle of the Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve has some of the richest ecosystems in Africa, many of which are dominated by cathedral-like forests. The ‘Big Five’ can be spotted here – an experience that feels even more privileged following the successful reintroduction of the black rhino – whilst Birders will be in paradise amongst the giant kori bustards and Bradfields hornbills of the floodplains.


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