When to go to Botswana

Botswana’s magnificent wilderness is perfect to be explored year-round, as there’s always guaranteed to be a region teeming with predatory game, colourful birdlife and rare species. 

The wet season of December to March is a photographer’s dream, bringing rich vegetation and glorious bird plumage against a backdrop of sultry storm clouds. 

Botswana’s beautifully vivid emerald season begins in April, when the skies clear and night temperatures cool in the Kalahari, and May brings high waters to the Okavanago Delta, when drifting the labyrinth of waterways in a mokoro canoe is even more fabulous. 

With endless blue skies and virtually no rain, June to August is arguably the best season for safaris. The dry climate drives hoards of animals to the watering holes, and the receding bush grass make spotting game easier too. 

Animal concentration increases during September’s warmer temperatures, making it a great time for big game safaris, although temperatures can really start to soar during October.

Our favourite experience-oriented trips to Botswana by month

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