Corocora Camp

Location: Colombian Wetlands | Colombia

Price guide: £££££ £350-£500 per person per night

Corocora is an exclusive tented camp in a private reserve in Llanos Orientales, the land of the Colombian cowboys, where you’ll spend your time horse riding and cattle herding. In between, game drives will see you spotting the rich diversity of wildlife that occupies the wilderness, before heading back to the camp for barbecues and music around the campfire.
Perfect forWould-be cowboys and cowgirls looking for an immersive, yet comfortable, retreat in the wilds of Colombia.
In the knowThe camp takes its name from the native Corocora, or scarlet ibis, an iconic bird of the region, which has a distinctive bright red hue.

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Hotel Overview

Sense of Place

All around Corocora Camp is the wild expanse of the Llanos Orientales - the Eastern Plains or Los Llanos - an unspoilt region of rivers, marshlands and plains home to a rich diversity of wildlife. You’ll get to know the resident cows, of course, but you’re likely to spot far more exotic creatures, such as capuchin and howler monkeys swinging through the trees.

Rooms at Corocora Camp

With just four luxurious tents, you’ll never be sharing the camp with too many other people. Within the canvas roofs and walls are comfortable beds, bathrooms with flush toilets, showers and running water, a desk and chairs, and a trunk and wardrobe space for your clothes.

The tents open onto a terrace, shaded by an awning, where you can sit in canvas chairs or lounge in a hammock suspended between the trees.  

Food & Drink

The life of a cowboy is hungry work, and you’ll be rewarded for a day’s exertions in the great outdoors with refreshing sundowners and a parrando llanero - a barbecue feast where huge skewers of juicy meat are grilled on an open fire. The food is accompanied by traditional folk singing, and musicians playing guitars and harps - as well as gaining a memorable insight into the importance of music and dance to local traditional culture, this is the perfect way to spend an evening beneath the stars.

Wake up the next morning to a breakfast of breads and pastries accompanied by homemade jams, eggs from local farms and fresh tropical fruits, with juice, tea and Colombian coffee. Lunch is a healthy affair, with salads, sandwiches and other light meals enjoyed either at the camp or packed up for you to take with you on your adventures.


The hub of Corocora is the aptly named Social Tent, where you’ll find a cocktail bar, yoga mats, comfy sofas to curl up on and listen to music or read a book, or you can choose from a range of board and lawn games to play.

Corocora is all about reconnecting with yourself and nature: there is no Wi-Fi connection at the camp, and limited phone coverage. There’s access to electricity during the evening, so you’ll have the chance to charge your cameras, phones and other electronic devices, and your room has USB battery packs, so you can carry some charge around with you during the day too.

Activities at Corocora Camp

The chance to live the life of a cowboy is one of Corocora Camp’s great draws, with horse riding and cattle herding among the skills you can learn during your time here.

It’s not just about the horses though… While safaris are commonly associated with Africa, Colombia is one of the most biodiverse places in the world, and you’ll have the chance to spot a completely different set of animals - including caimans and the capybara, the world’s largest rodent, which is the size of a dog!

Join local biologists and venture into the jungle to track ocelots, pumas and jaguars and contribute to local conservation projects during your stay by helping to lay camera traps to observe the animals. Meanwhile, on birdwatching trips you can see herons, owls and the scarlet ibis.

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