Regions in Colombia

See unique attractions in Bogota, imbibe colonial history and colourful culture in Cartagena, sail and snorkel around Caribbean islands, sample some of the world's best coffee and immerse yourself in the stunning scenery of the Coffee Triangle (Zona Cafetera) and explore the beautiful Tayrona National Park. 

Overlooking the turquoise Caribbean Sea, Cartagena is a stunning, preserved walled port city filled with magnificent colonial architecture, brightly coloured buildings, cobblestone streets, a buzzing nightlife scene and boutique luxury hotels. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cartagena is in our opinion one of South America’s most attractive cities - and is also the gateway to some beautiful islands.

Unravel the secrets of the Coffee Triangle (or Zona Cafetera) with a stay in this beautiful and aromatic region of Colombia, a region which produces some of the world’s best coffee and has some pretty haciendas to stay in, nestled in the fertile valleys. 

Bogota, Colombia’s capital, is fast taking its place as one of Latin America’s most vibrant and culturally interesting cities.

Surrounded by Andean peaks, Bogota offers great heritage, music and food and drink – plus a captivating old town quarter, La Candelaria, which has quaint cobbled streets full of colonial and Baroque-style architecture, as well as some fascinating museums and lovely hotels. 

In the north of the country, the beautiful Tayrona National Park combines lush forests, towering mountains and unspoiled deserted beaches with a fascinating indigenous culture. There’s also a huge variety of fauna and flora, with wildlife including monkeys, jaguars, iguanas and several hundred species of birds.

Vast wetlands sprawl over 20 million hectares of Colombia, their glassy lagoons and tangled mangroves a haven for wildlife and birdlife from jaguars, howler monkeys and caimans to Jabiru storks and the iconic scarlet ibis. The landscapes are just as diverse as their wildlife - in Los Llanos, winding rivers snake through wide open savannahs, tropical palm groves and dense forests.

The second largest city in Colombia, Medellin is a city of great energy, with plenty of attractions, a buzzing nightlife and a stunning setting, nestled in a narrow valley in the central region of the Andes Mountains. With a skyline that reaches for the heavens, the high-rise apartments and buildings have fantastic backdrops of jagged peaks in every direction.  


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