The end of the earth awaits. Marvel at glittering, brilliantly blue icebergs, see whales breach and smash glassy water into smithereens, watch clumsy elephant seals wallow in the mud and busy penguins rush in and out of the sea. The austral summer sees over 20 hours of dazzling sunlight per day, with gorgeous skies illuminated in every shade of pink, orange and purple at dawn and dusk. Antarctica offers a truly unforgettable adventure into one of our planet's last frontiers.

Most cruises depart from Argentina's most southerly city, Ushuaia, so combine with a trip to South America for that once-in-a-lifetime luxury holiday.

The Falklands

Surrounded by the churning South Atlantic, many Antarctic cruises take in these historic, wildlife-rich islands where you’ll receive a warm welcome from the locals.

South Georgia

Penguin fans should include South Georgia on their itinerary for an encounter with thousands of King Penguins as well as many other bird species. If you are prone to sea-sickness, take a look at the expedition Antarctica XXI, a fly-cruise package with flights from Chile to King George Island, cruising on to the Antarctic Peninsula.

Antarctic Peninsula

Unlike the Arctic, the Antarctic Peninsula is made up of a vast land mass and shore landings are frequent throughout your trip. Visit huge penguin rookeries, on board Antarctic Dream and visit remote research stations and listen out of the boom of calving icebergs. Exciting stuff

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Wildlife encounters. Breeching whales, fights between elephant seals, penguin chicks chasing their parents for food, giant albatross and a screeching array of birdlife: stepping into Antarctica is like stepping into an entirely different world.

This is a great way to get close to curious seals and penguins, in the water and on the icy shoreline.

Spectacular sunrises and sunsets. The Antarctic’s location on the globe means that the ethereal sunrises and sunsets go on for hours at a time, and at certain times of year the sun doesn’t set at all.

Thermal springs. The guides can dig out hot water from the volcanic earth on the shoreline which you can sit in, and if you’re brave you can then have a dip in the icy Antarctic waters.

The most hardcore of explorers can follow in the footsteps of the original Antarctic pioneers and spend the night under canvas.

Darwin’s theory in action. The animal skeletons littering the shore give you a glimpse of nature at its most harsh.

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