Luxury Hotels in St Vincent and the Grenadines

Having a secluded island entirely to yourself is what makes our St Vincent and the Grenadines hotels so special. To ensure a truly peaceful and exclusive idyll, we’ve selected the boltholes favoured by celebs and royalty, along with a real castaway retreat with no internet, no phones, and no TV.

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The Cotton House

Location: St Vincent & Grenadines

Be one of the privileged few to stay on the beautiful, privately-owned island of Mustique, with its azure waters, stunning private villas, secluded beaches and just one hotel: The Cotton House. Classic colonial style meets boutique chic at this exclusive hideaway.

Best for: Honeymoon, Beach, Service & Hospitality, Snorkelling & Diving

Bequia Beach Hotel

Location: St Vincent & Grenadines

With its softly undulating landscape, and ambling pace of life, tiny, un-spoilt Bequia embodies old-style Caribbean charm. This laid-back feel is continued at Bequia Beach Hotel, but unlike other beach holidays around the world, you won’t feel like you’re in a soulless bubble. This is a place where you can really soak up the local character.

Best for: Honeymoon, Boutique Hotel, Beach, Snorkelling & Diving

Petit St Vincent

Location: St Vincent & Grenadines

Greeted by gentle trade-winds, scattered rocks, and creeping mangroves, your arrival on Petit St Vincent will make you feel like a true castaway. No internet, no phones, no TV: just you and this tiny island paradise.

Best for: Honeymoon, Beach, Hideaway, Water activities

Buccament Bay

Location: St Vincent & Grenadines

If you’re longing for an idyllic Caribbean holiday, but are worried about getting bored, then this newly opened resort is ideal. As well as the impossibly perfect beach, lavish Buccament Bay is brimming with complimentary extras that set it apart from other Caribbean resorts.

Best for: Honeymoon, Family-friendly, Luxury Hotel, Beach


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