Chic. Fashionable. Sexy. All words to describe the small, very French island of St Barths. Expect dazzling beaches, fabulous luxury hotels, St-Tropez style shopping, and the superb restaurants that make it a real foodie paradise. It’s not all about the glamour though, it’s also a great option for simple Caribbean pleasures: soaking up the rays, taking in the lush mountainous scenery, or just sitting back and people watching.

Check out the most well known of St Barths’ hotels, Eden Rock, and for an exclusive family hideaway take a look at Guanahani Hotel and Spa which overlooks Marigot Bay.

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Living like a rock star. St Barth’s is a favourite with the rich and famous but even the most demanding of celebrities are bowled over by Eden Rock’s ‘Rock Star’ suite. With its own recording studio and personal butler, this is pure unadulterated indulgence.

World class dining. From French-Creole cuisine to the place that inspired the song ‘Cheeseburger in Paradise:’ St Barth’s boasts some of the best food in the Caribbean.

French style. For a mixture of beautiful Caribbean beaches and the island’s distinctive French influence, stay at the epitome of sophistication Isle de France.

People watching at Gustavia. There’s never been a better excuse to dress up than on St Barth’s: sitting back for sunset with a Carib beer and lime and watching the glitterati arrive in their gigantic yachts.

Bucket regatta. St Barth’s hosts one of the most prestigious super yacht races in the world – immensely fun to take part in, and equally fun to watch.

Beach buggies. You’ll see many of these open top car hybrids whizzing around the island, and it’s definitely the best way to explore.

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